BTS’s Suga Finally Returns Back To Korea, And Stuns ARMYs With His Effortless Airport Visuals

It even gave ARMYs a closer look at “that” hairstyle!

BTS finished their schedule in America earlier in the month after performing their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows and making history at the American Music Awards. 

After their schedules, some of the members quickly returned to quarantine while others stayed in America to enjoy their extended vacation time with friends and family.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

One member who was really living his best life during his vacation is member Suga.

While the other members have kept ARMYs updated with what they’ve been doing, Suga has been quite private, only posting a few updates about his time in America. It included a trip to watch a UFC game and to showcase his new hairstyle to ARMYs…

BTS’s Suga | @AgustD/ Instagram

And trips to the beach to relax…

| @AgustD/ Instagram

In the past few weeks, the members have slowly been returning to Korea and have been in quarantine, and the only member left was Suga! On December 23, ARMYs and media outlets shared images and videos confirming that Suga had officially landed back in Korea.

Like the other members, Suga was dressed as if he was ready for a catwalk wearing a brown sweater, bomber jacket, and plain black pants.

Unlike leader RM, Suga didn’t seem to be surrounded by as many media members. Yet, there was still a huge presence of those wanting a glimpse of Suga, but he remained professional and respectful as he made his way through the airport.


Yet, it was also another chance to see the mysterious new haircut up, close, and personal. Before the images at the airport were released, Suga shared a picture on Instagram of his new haircut, and it once again sent ARMYs into a full meltdown.

| @AgustD/ Instagram

Of course, with Suga’s return, it meant a lot of ARMYs voiced their love and thanks at the final member of BTS coming back to Korea safe and sound. From his dazzling visuals to what to expect from the members next, it isn’t surprising why fans are so excited at this news.

Yet, he isn’t the only member who caught the attention of fans with their return to Korea. Members V and J-Hope had fans swooning over their outgoing and unique fashion choices…

While leader RM was praised for his professionalism and respectful behavior towards the members of the press.

With Suga returning from America, all BTS members are back in Korea and ready to enjoy their extended vacation time when allowed out of quarantine. Hopefully, they get a well-deserved break before embarking on the world tour that the members have hinted should be announced soon.

You can read more about Suga and his newest haircut below.

BTS’s Suga Sends ARMYs Into Meltdown As He Posts An Update…With A Brand New Haircut

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