BTS’s Suga Reveals The Reason Why He Wouldn’t Change Anything About BTS’s Songs, And It Makes Total Sense

We think all of BTS’s songs are perfect just the way they are!

BTS‘s Suga just revealed the reason why he wouldn’t change anything about BTS’s songs if he could go back in time!

Suga | @BTS_twt/Twitter

In Vanity Fair‘s new video “How Well Does BTS Know Each Other?,” the other members had to guess how Suga would answer the question “If you could re-record one song, which would it be?” 

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

The other BTS members said the question was hard, and J-Hope guessed that Suga would probably re-record one of his own songs if he had the chance.

After saying he knew the answer, RM correctly guessed that Suga wouldn’t re-record any songs.

Suga explained that regretting previously recorded songs is “all part of the process.” 

Suga stated that re-recorded versions of songs usually don’t have the same vibe as the original song that fans fell in love with. RM agreed that re-recorded songs don’t sound as good as the original.

Suga said he prefers to leave songs as they are because he knows re-recorded versions won’t have the exact same vibe, and the re-recorded versions likely wouldn’t be as good as the originals anyway.

We think BTS’s songs and Suga’s solo songs are all perfect just the way they are!

See the full “How Well Does BTS Know Each Other?” video below.




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