BTS’s Suga Reveals The Real Reason Why Agust D Has A Scar In “Daechwita” MV

Suga answers ARMY’s burning questions in a new interview.

Why does Agust D have a scar? ARMY asked and BTS‘s Suga answered!

Ever since the music video for “Daechwita” dropped, fans have been brainstorming theories about Agust D’s scar. Some believe that it’s the Joseon equivalent to shooting society the middle finger.

Others saw it as a hint that the blonde Agust D is a false king.

On May 27, Suga answered a question about his scar and more in a new interview on BTS’s YouTube channel, BangtanTV.

Which the theories about Suga’s scar are true? Apparently, none of them. It turns out that the scar was simply an aesthetic choice to add an element of shock to the video!

Watch the full interview here: