BTS’s Suga Reveals How He Really Feels About Sharing Personal Stories Through Music

How does BTS really feel about being vulnerable in their songs?

We all know BTS does not shy away from addressing topics like mental health, anxiety, and the frustrations young people face in their music, but what do they really think about sharing their personal emotions through their songs?

In a recent interview with Hindustan TimesSuga explained why BTS touches on emotional topics in their music and why they think it’s important to do so.

| jung-koook/Tumblr

Suga explained that they “value sincerity when it comes to music,” and that they “naturally touch upon various topics through music” because they share their personal stories in their songs.

| sugajimin/Tumblr 

Suga also revealed that diving into his emotions and expressing them through music is cathartic.

For me, personally, as time goes by, delving into those emotions is getting less hard. Releasing music also helps me relieve those emotions.

— Suga

We know ARMY is grateful to BTS for their vulnerability and for expressing difficult emotions through their songs!



Source: Image and Hindustan Times