BTS’s Suga Reveals The Truth About Girl Group Listeners, ARMYs Think He Is Hinting At Someone Specific

He shared a fascinating insight.

BTS’s Suga has been doing weekly radio shows on Apple Music, and the fourth episode just came out on May 9.

During this latest episode, Suga played his favorite songs by other artists, from Bruno Mars to Hans Zimmer, to Celine Dion. But fans were taken aback when a K-Pop girl group track found its way into this list unexpectedly.

Right after playing “Talking To The Moon” by Bruno Mars, Suga introduced his second favorite track, “Antifragile” by LE SSERAFIM. But before playing the track, he shared an interesting observation about girl group music.

Suga said that he loves listening to songs like “Antifragile” when he is working out. Then, he dived into a detailed explanation of how true athletes are always girl group listeners. He even provided examples from his personal life, saying that there are people he knows who bench press 120-130 kgs to the tunes of LE SSERAFIM or NewJeans.

ARMYs immediately knew who these “people” were that Suga was referring to. BTS has two very obvious gym rats, one RM and the other, Jungkook. Both members, interestingly, have shown their appreciation for the groups Suga mentioned several times before.

Fans immediately pulled up receipts, like that time when RM was full-fledged vibing to NewJeans’ live performance at the Korea party,

or the multiple times when Jungkook couldn’t help jamming out to songs by both groups during his livestreams.

Apart from the influence of his members’ athletic influence, Suga also mentioned that he likes “Antifragile,” particularly because it has many different addictive parts. Fans of both groups are now hoping that this shoutout turns into a real interaction with LE SSERAFIM members appearing on Suga’s YouTube show, Suchwita, soon.

Source: Apple Music


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