BTS’s Suga Reveals An Unexpected Behind-The-Scenes Detail About “Amygdala” Music Video

He knows how to make fans smile.

D-Day, the most recent release of BTS member Suga, has created quite the buzz in the industry for its critically acclaimed musicality. The rapper has poured his soul into each of the ten tracks, but “Amygdala” is debatably the one song that has hit closest to home for most listeners.

| @agustd/Instagram

The subject matter of “Amygdala” is heavy. In the song, Suga, or more accurately, his alter ego Agust D, is begging his mind to free him from the cycle of past traumas. However, ARMYs know that every traumatic incident described in the lyrics is lived experience for Suga, making the track difficult for many to digest. But the track hung heavier on ARMYs’ hearts after the release of its music video. Usually, the BTS members only release two music videos for each album or EP, but Suga emphasized that the video of “Amygdala” is necessary to conclude the Agust D trilogy. As excited as fans were to witness how Suga planned to end this storyline, once it was out, many fans admitted they wouldn’t be able to watch it again for a long time. The storyboard follows some of the most scarring moments of Suga’s personal life, including his intense motorbike accident before his debut and his long battle with mental health issues.

A screengrab from the “Amygdala” music video | @HYBELABELS/YouTube

Fans found one scene particularly painful- a montage of unfortunate events unravel as Suga takes a handful of pills to deal with them, and then some images of his brain reacting to the medicine and the situations flash by.

Though Suga has approached the subject of “Amygdala” with ARMYs in a mature manner, he also wanted to ensure the fans who were affected by seeing his struggles in the music video. During his recent Weverse live, where he discussed various topics related to his album, the rapper took a moment to playfully soothe worried fans and share a fun tidbit about the music video. He shared that the pills shown in the video were actually mint candies. He then smilingly added that he “ate a lot of them.”

It might have been a small gesture, but it’s enough to show that he wants to lighten up the mood without minimizing the significance of what the song is saying. And it looks like his trick worked, seeing how ARMYs got distracted from the heavy feelings for a bit to appreciate his cute shenanigans. Many fans also felt like the comment was a necessary reminder that all the struggles portrayed are behind him now, and he is doing a lot better in the present.



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