BTS’s Instagram Accounts Are Becoming “Cat-Stagrams,” And It’s Too Purrfect 

Suddenly, Suga is everywhere.

None of BTS‘s members are cat owners, but they have nothing but love these four-legged fur friends!

J-Hope’s Instagram story.

On Instagram, BTS share everything from K-Drama clips and museum trips to concert photos and backstage selfies. They also, like many of us, can’t resist posting snaps of adorable animals.

Jungkook and his dog, Bam.

RM and Suga, in particular, have posted multiple photos and videos of cats. Not long after BTS opened their personal Instagram accounts, RM uploaded this photo captioned, “Finding Yoongi,” and tagged BTS’s cat-like member, Suga, in it.

RM has also shared cat videos…

…and even cat art. This artwork reminded some fans of Suga (cat) and Jimin (chick)!

Today Suga, nicknamed Lil Meow Meow by fans, shared a new story of, you guessed it, a cat. Calico cats are strikingly beautiful, but they also hold a special significance to ARMY. Jimin compares himself to a calico cat in the lyrics for his solo song “Serendipity.”

Suga’s calico cat looks similar to the one RM photographed here…

…and it’s not the only kitty Suga has shone the spotlight on. Previously, Suga shared this story of a cat he crossed paths with while out on a walk.

Suga’s love for his spirit animal doesn’t end there though. For BTS’s new game, BTS Island: In the SEOM, Suga chose a white cat for his in-game pet and named it Nyang Nyang.

| BTS Island

He also chose a white cat as his hypothetical future pet for BTS’s Snack Time Q&A series for the BTS Japan Official Fan Club.

Our prediction: if BTS ever does adopt cats, those kitties will take over Instagram…and the world?



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