BTS’s Suga Interrupts ARMY’s Flirting To Roast RM’s Picture  

They called, he answered!

Imagine this. You’ve finally worked up the courage to risk it all for your BTS bias.

BTS | @bighit_twt/Twitter

You log into the Weverse app, type out your corny pickup line…

J-Hope | BANGTANTV/Youtube 

…and hope that you will be one of the lucky fans he replies to.

V | BANGTANTV/Youtube 

Then, suddenly, somebody crashes your would-be moment with a truth bomb!

For one ARMY, a version of this scenario played out today when they posted an old-but-gold photo of RM with a sweet caption.

RM | Weverse

Would you like candy that’s sweeter than sweet potatoes? RM, do you like sweet potatoes? It’s the best for bulking up.


That’s when Suga dropped by to roast RM’s photo (and ARMY’s comment?) like a sweet potato.

Suga and RM | Weverse

In the comments, Suga wrote, “That’s not a lollipop, that’s a whole weapon. No?” 

| Weverse

Well…he’s not wrong. In the “God of Destruction’s” hands, anything can become a weapon!

| BANGTANTV/Youtube 

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