BTS Fan Brings Back The “I Will Sue Suga” Joke, And His Reaction Is Everything

Arrest this man!

BTS and their fandom, ARMY, have many inside jokes, but one of the most iconic is, “I will sue Min Yoongi!” 


It all started in 2014 when a fan playfully threatened to take Suga to court. At a fan sign event, the fan called Suga a “dangerous man”

…and told him to take responsibility for making her fall head over heels in love with him!

The fan shouted an iconic line that ARMYs still remember eight years later; “I will sue Min Yoongi!

The only thing funnier than her declaration was Suga’s reaction to it.

That wasn’t the only time this fan threatened her bias with legal action. At another event, she shouted, “I thought my heart exploded! I’m going to report you, Min Yoongi!”

What did Suga say? Go right ahead!

Suga also mentioned the joke at a fan meeting in 2016. When Jin accidentally hit a fan with a picture…

…Suga asked if “I will sue Kim Seokjin” would be the new trend.

Now, in 2022, “I will sue Suga” is back and better than ever! Today, a fan posted this photo of police officers arresting a kitten. They captioned it, “I’m suing Min Yoongi because he stole my heart.” Understandable.

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Little did they know that Suga would reply! He wrote back, “Let me go first, then we’ll talk.” 

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Will ARMY ever come to a settlement with this purrfect criminal?

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