BTS’s Suga Spills On His Strategy For Dealing With Sadness

It makes a lot of sense.

BTS are often praised for their honesty in expressing themselves to fans. For instance, Suga once shared his diary-entry style Twitter with fans, opening up about his internal struggle after “not being able to perform on stage and [disappointing] many fans.

I wanted to do something that 24-year-old Min Yoongi could do and not 24-year-old Suga. This was a time for me to reflect on myself and the stories I am about to tell is not about a singer and fan or BTS and ARMY, but about a person telling their story to people.

— Suga

In an interview with Weverse Magazine in 2021, Suga revealed that he was working to improve his well-being, wanting to understand himself better. And while he shared that he had definitely found success in pursuing “emotional stability,” fortunately, his well-being didn’t impact the emotion he portrays in his music.

They don’t have a big effect on it. I think it affects the way I write lyrics a bit, but I’m not working on any lyrics at the moment. I’ve been making music for a long time, so I think it’s possible for me to express emotions I’m not feeling in the moment.

— Suga

Now in the latest episode of BTS’s well-loved variety show, Run BTS!, Suga shared one of his tips for dealing with sadness.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

In the episode, BTS played a game where two members were “liars” who didn’t receive a question that the rest of the members got asked. Instead, the two liars had to vote yes or no and then defend their answer to the group after learning the question, pretending they knew it all along.

One of the questions during the game was whether they dance when feeling sad.

When defending their answers, both J-Hope and Suga agreed that it is good to distract yourself when feeling sad and that dancing was a perfect way to do precisely that.

J-Hope: Yes, it’s kind of good to forget.

Suga: Your mind really goes away when you use your body.

BTS’s J-Hope and Suga | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

After the liars were exposed, Suga revealed that he does dance when he’s sad, but more specifically, he tries to distract himself with work, so he doesn’t have time to think too much.

Suga: I purposely make my schedule really full and tight all day. I go into dance lessons then.


Which the other members agreed might be worth trying.

BTS’s Jimin | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

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