The New “RUN BTS” Teaser Has BTS Suga Going Viral

Fans are once again threatening to sue.

BTS are finally resuming their beloved variety show, RUN BTS. And the teaser for the first episode, “Telepathy,” promises that BTS’s normal hilarious chaos will continue. But notably, many fans were caught off guard by Suga‘s visuals. Specifically, fans are loving the current length of his hair.

In one clip in the teaser, Suga even brushes his hair back, which definitely wasn’t good for ARMY’s health.

The clip has already gone viral on Twitter, with fans in awe of Suga’s visuals.

Fans are hopeful that Suga will be allowed to keep his long hair for as long as he wants.

And fans are bringing back the iconic “I will sue you” meme to express their feelings.

The short clip is already going viral, and hopefully, fans will be able to survive the entire RUN BTS episode when it is released.

You can watch the teaser here.