BTS’s Suga “Scolds” The Audience At His Seoul Day 1 Concert, And ARMYs Couldn’t Be More Jealous

“We were scared…”

After 23 shows in nine different cities, BTS member Suga‘s SUGA | AGUST D solo tour finally arrived at its last stop, Seoul, South Korea, on June 24 at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

Suga delivered a power-packed show with a modified setlist and even a surprise guest, PSY! In the videos posted by attendees online, the energy of the audience in Seoul has shaken its viewers. Despite Suga performing some new songs without any notice, the audience sang along bar for bar. Throughout the show, the crowd was so loud that, at times, Suga even let them take the lead for some of the choruses!

Despite the high energy, a significant portion of the crowd, however, remained seated while jamming to the performances. One such attendee later came online to explain that some of them were unsure whether to stand up, fearing they might block the view of the person behind them.

But Suga was having none of it. During the “Burn It” performance, the rapper ended up “scolding” the audience, yelling, “No, but you guys are still sitting?” into the mic. The OP (original poster) said the audience immediately complied and jumped onto their feet without hesitation.

The clip immediately went viral among ARMYs, who couldn’t decide on a single reaction. Some fans were too focused on how hot it was of Suga to command the audience, while others tried their best not to be jealous of the people who got to witness this moment live.

Some ARMYs were also confused as to why the crowd kept seated, given that people were constantly jumping on their feet in most of the other shows. A few attendees came forward with more explanation that people had to remain seated because the staff at the venue kept instructing them to do so. Only the audience in the pit was allowed to stand. But after Suga asked everyone to stand up, the staff gave up on keeping everyone in their seats.

Meanwhile, Suga will wrap up this tour with one last show at the Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium on June 25.