BTS’s Suga Proves To Be A True Self-Love Advocate On Instagram

Love yourself!

Everyone knows that all of the members of BTS are strong advocates for self-love. They even released a whole album series titled Love Yourself along with a world tour and the Love Myself campaign with UNICEF.

From left: J-Hope, V, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, and Suga of BTS.

Suga especially speaks often about the importance of loving oneself, having struggled with depression. He told UNICEF for the Love Myself campaign that he found one important step in achieving self-love is not to compare yourself to others.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to make yourself unhappy is to compare yourself to others. I’m quite fine as is!

— Suga via UNICEF’s Love Myself


Now, eagle-eyed ARMYs are noticing that Suga is practicing self-love in many ways, including on social media.

Suga recently shared the new cover art for PSY‘s upcoming title track “That That” for his new album. Suga produced and features on it.

ARMY pointed out that among the likes, including J-Hope, is none other than Suga himself! So, he liked his own post.

ARMYs are calling it a form of self-love to like one’s own post and totally on-brand for the BTS member.

Many feel it should be normalized as liking one’s own post is actually considered taboo.

Yet, it shouldn’t even be a discussion when it’s Suga. Of course, he should like his own post!

Source: @agustd