BTS’s Suga Shares Why His Trainee Experience Was Much Different From Others At BIGHIT

His label recognized his genius from early on.

As fans wait for BTS Suga‘s upcoming documentary SUGA: Road to D-DAYDisney Plus Korea released an exclusive interview with the rapper where he talked about some of the highlights of his career and life.

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During the interview, Suga was asked to talk about his experience working as a composer ever since he was a trainee. The BTS member honestly responded, saying his trainee life was a bit different from the others. At that time, BIGHIT MUSIC held auditions under three categories, rap, dance, and composing. Suga auditioned under both rap and composition and became a trainee.

But after entering BIGHIT, he realized his training process was wildly different than his co-trainees.

I practiced simple dance moves like two days in a week, while others were practicing 24/7.


Instead, he spent a lot of time with the composers at the label and even got his own studio next to them. In fact, while learning the craft from professionals, Suga created most of the songs that were included in his first mixtape Agust D. The title track of his first mixtape, “Agust D,” was made when he was still in high school.

I got my own studio next to those who really were the composers and stayed there all the time. There were a lot of songs that I made and these became the pain part of my first mixtape too.


While talking about his efforts to learn composition, Suga also reflected on the support from Bang Si Hyuk, the founder of BIGHIT MUSIC and the label’s in-house producer.

I didn’t know how professional composers worked, so I literally stayed all night after night, I couldn’t even remember for how many days, while Bang PD-nim was sitting next to me until the song came out…in a small studio.


Even after debuting as a member of BTS, Suga’s training as a composer and producer continued. He reminisced about working on The Most Beautiful Moment in Life series for BTS, revealing that he had to do 30 revisions for a single song.


But Suga has no regrets about putting in the hours behind the scenes because it gave him the precious know-how of songwriting, and now he can make songs with much more ease thanks to that rigorous training.

Source: Disney Plus Korea


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