“Give Him An Oscar!” BTS’s Suga Shocks Netizens With His Unreal Acting Skills In Agust D’s “Haegeum”

From his facial expressions to body language, directors will be lining up!

BTS‘s Suga is known as one of the more introverted members of the group, but he definitely becomes a different person when he’s performing.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Suga has also showcased acting skills, as all idols do in music videos. Whether it is with BTS or his own songs, Suga never fails to portray a story with his actions and expressions.

Suga in BTS’s “WINGS Short Film #4” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
Suga in Agust D’s “Daechwita” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
Suga as Agust D in “Agust D” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube     

Well, it seems like Suga has done it again. On April 21 (KST), Suga finally released his album D-DAY. After teasing ARMYs for weeks with images, it rightly sent the internet into meltdown.

Along with the album, Suga released the video for the song “Haegeum.” From the very beginning of the video, there was a strong narrative throughout, and the idol intrigued fans with the small details and action.

Suga’s new video as Agust D | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
| HYBE LABELS/YouTube    

Each scene brought out a new side to Suga and a new part of the story for ARMYs to delve into.


Yet, it was Suga’s facial expressions and body language that seemed like a veteran actor. Whether it was his spine-tingling smirk, the look of someone unhinged, or a sexier exterior in a suit, it rightly sent the internet into meltdown.


Playing the main characters with two different personalities on screen showcased his diversity as each person was recognizable from his looks and mannerisms.


Even in the closing scenes, from shooting himself and having a crazed look on his face to eating food as if nothing had happened, Suga created a cinematic masterpiece.


When the video was released, netizens couldn’t get over Suga’s acting skills. Although Suga is known to be one of the quieter members, his presence in music videos has always been unreal, but “Haegeum” seemed to be on another level. For many ARMYs, they were obsessed with Suga’s skills and rightly thought it was Oscar-worthy.

While Suga is first and foremost a musician, his acting skills have made many ARMYs want to see more of “Actor Yoongi.” From his expressions, passion, and versatility, Suga can do it all and can definitely add “Amazing actor” to that list.

You can read more about the comeback below.

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Source: HYBE LABELS/YouTube and Daum


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