BTS’s Suga Updates Fans On The Condition Of His Shoulder Injury And The Steps To Recovery

It’s an ongoing process!

On May 21, BTS held a press conference discussing the release of their new song “Butter,” and Suga updated fans on his shoulder’s condition and recovery process.

Late last year, Suga underwent surgery to treat chronic pain from a previous shoulder injury. Due to this, he couldn’t attend the previous event to celebrate the release of their album BE.

During the press conference, Suga updated fans on the state of his injury.

I think that my (shoulder’s) situation got better quickly because of the many people that worried so much for me.

— Suga

He also explained how hard he is working by continuing his treatment in the hope of fully recovering from the injury.

I worked hard at physiotherapy and am continuing to do so. I am focusing my treatment on exercise.

— Suga

Hopefully, it won’t be long before Suga is feeling 100%, and he continues to take his time to recover.

Make sure to watch the video for their new song “Butter” below.

Source: MK Star