BTS’s Slytherin Suga Is Working His Dark Magic Again 

He is showing his true colors again: green and silver.

Once again BTS‘s Suga is showing his true colors: green and silver!

Both fans and RM have sorted this rap wizard into Slytherin house, and it’s easy to see why. Like Suga, Slytherin students are ambitious, clever, cunning, and driven by the desire to succeed. They also have a tendency to bend the rules in their favor!

In Episode 6 of BT21 UNIVERSE 3, BTS continued to brainstorm storylines for their BT21 characters using keywords. Previously, the members used “rivalry” and “mystery” to conjure up a group of anti-fans named AT21.

Episode 5 was all about overcoming conflict, but Episode 6 is all about giving back to supporters. To do this, RM suggested knitting RJ‘s fur into sweaters for fans and setting up a charity boxing match (starring Cooky, naturally).

Suga, on the other hand, wanted to use TATA‘s “magic love-spreading beams” to spread love to fans…

…but Jungkook ended this enchantment before it could begin. BTS had decided not to use magic, but Slytherin Suga couldn’t help himself.

Once won’t hurt,” he argued as his fellow Slytherin, Jimin, laughed in the background.

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