BTS’s Suga Spills On The Secret To His Improved Live Singing Skills At Agust D Concerts

The way of the genius!

BTS’s Suga kicked off his solo tour SUGA|AGUST D tour on April 27, and so far, he has done three shows in the US. One of the many things that have impressed fans during his shows is the impeccable setlist, a curation of his solo discography as Suga of BTS and Agust D. A significant chunk of that list includes songs from his latest album D-Day, which surprisingly has quite a few vocal-based tracks along with rap-based ones.

Suga took fans by surprise when he performed all his vocal-based songs, such as “Life Goes On”, “Amygdala”, ” and “People” live with flawless renditions. He even sang the vocal parts of “Burn It” live, which were originally sung by MAX in the recorded version. During the sound check of the first concert, some fans waiting outside actually mistook Suga’s vocals as MAX’s!

Before announcing his new album or his tour, Suga had already given fans a sneak peek of his singing progress during his birthday Weverse live. He sang Kim Kwang Seok’s “It’s Not Love If It Hurts Too Much” while playing his guitar. ARMYs were surprise to see his sudden progress in singing, especially how stable he was holding high notes.

Since that very Weverse live, most fans guessed that Suga was taking vocal lessons. In fact, in June last year, during the BTS Festa dinner, he had shared that his daily schedule is jam-packed because he is taking various lessons, including vocals. But, according to the rapper himself, the vocal progress we see right now is a result of practicing on his own!

After his Newark show on April 29, KST, Suga went live with Jimin, and the two got talking about all the different aspects of this solo tour. Jimin praised Suga’s live singing skills when he shared the story of how he worked on them.

Suga revealed that he had initially visited Jimin’s vocal coach, and went back twice, before calling it quits. Learning the technicality was proving a challenge to him, and the language barrier was also an issue. So, in the end he resorted to practicing the songs on his own instead.

In addition to singing live, Suga also played the guitar and piano at his concerts, which he admitted was not an easy feat to achieve. Jimin agreed and reassured him that he did a good job at the live performances.

As a rapper, producer, and boy group member, Suga is already at the peak of his career. But the fact that he went out of his way to learn to sing for his solo concerts only shows how sincere of an artist he is! Back in the day, whoever invented the nickname “Min Suga jjang jjang man bboong bboong” was really onto something.


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