BTS’s Suga Spotted At LA Basketball Game

He was so relaxed that he almost went unnoticed.

The members of BTS have been enjoying their stay in California, attending concerts and performing at the American Music Awards. Since Suga is always seen at sports games overseas, he made no exception during this recent trip.


Despite the big audience that attended the LA Clippers basketball game, eagle-eyed fans couldn’t miss Suga sitting in the second row—even with his hat and mask on.

| @btsshoess/Twitter

The mascot for the LA Clippers, Chuck, even greeted Suga with a bow. And from the look on his security guard’s face, fans joked that he was ready to protect the idol at all costs. The mascot wasn’t the only person to meet Suga, either.

Suga and the LA Clippers mascot Chuck. | @chuckthecondor/Instagram

A seasoned writer for notable outlets such as Sports IllustratedFarbod Esnaashari, tweeted about meeting Suga at the game and how relaxed the idol had been.

Most importantly, everyone was pleased that Suga was able to enjoy the game in peace.

Source: Twitter