Super Junior’s Heechul Hits Up His Drinking Buddy, BTS’s Suga

They’re still friends after all these years.

Super Junior‘s Heechul debuted 16 years ago, and in that time this social butterfly has made many friends in the industry.

Heechuk (center) with BTS | Weekly Idol

Take BTS. Back in 2014 and 2015, the members guested on Weekly Idol, a variety show Heechul co-hosted.

They also spent time together on another variety show, Knowing Bros. Here, Suga gave Heechul a pair of shoes as a gift.

Over the years, Heechul has kept in touch with BTS behind the scenes. On the first episode of Sool-treet Fighter, a new variety show, Heechul was asked which member he would like to invite out for a drink. The show’s name references Street Woman Fighter while playing on the words “street” and “sool,” meaning “alcohol.”

Heechul and Suga | @knowingbros_jtbc/Instagram

“Maybe BTS’s Suga?” Heechul replied. “I did tell him I’m filming this show.” As Heechul said this, Suga’s alcohol tolerance for soju, four bottles, flashed by in the captions.

“I sent a selfie to Suga,” Heechul said. “and I wrote that the wine costs 13.5 million won.” That’s approximately $11,440 USD!

Wow!” Suga texted back, playfully. “Did you drink it while filming?” Heechul might have cracked open the bottle…if the staff hadn’t swooped in and taken it!

I was excited and was going to reply but the alcohol was already taken away from me.

— Heechul

Will we see a Heechul x Suga reunion on the show? Let’s hope so!