“Street Woman Fighter” Last Battle: Here Are The Final 4 Crews Competing For The Ultimate Title

Who are you rooting for?

With the finale of Street Woman Fighter on the horizon, it’s worth looking back on the season as a whole to appreciate these impressive ladies. Here are the final four crews set to face off for the title of “Best Female Street Dance Crew” on October 26 and the journey it took for them to make it to the finale.

The crew leaders for Street Woman Fighter | wowkorea.live

(All rankings based on the crews’ position in the penultimate episode)


LACHICA is a crew led by Gabee with members Rian, Simeez, H_1, and Peanut. Some of their most famous work in the K-Pop industry includes a majority of Chungha‘s choreography as well as TWICE‘s recent Japanese comeback, “Perfect World.”

LACHICA | @streetwoman_fighter/Instagram

To start the season off, each participant had to vote for the person they believed would have the worst performance throughout the competition. This would result in that person receiving a “No Respect” sticker to show their status. Unfortunately for LACHICA, the crew began the season with most stickers overall, having nine stickers spread across the team. The teams had dance duels against each other to start the season, with Gabee notably taking down HOOK‘s leader.

While the season may have started rough for LACHICA, things picked up during the first official choreography challenge. Simeez was initially picked as the choreographer at the “assist” level for BLACKPINK‘s “Pretty Savage,” and Rian was chosen as the main dancer and choreographer for the “second” level’s performance of “Booty” by Becky G and C. Tangana mashed up with “Mi Gente” by J Balvin and Willy William.

The next mission involved a face-off where two teams would have to choreograph a mash-up by one of four “queens of K-Pop.” LACHICA ended up taking on HolyBang in a head-to-head set to Jessi‘s greatest hits. In the end, LACHICA was declared the winner.

With the first team eliminated and the season over halfway done, the next mission was the “Mega Crew” mission, where crews had to create a super large performance. LACHICA had a crew of 30 people perform Beyoncé‘s “Run the World (Girls) (Homecoming Live),” but this tragically placed them at the bottom of the leaderboard. During the elimination battle, LACHICA was narrowly victorious but managed to defeat WANT and survive to face the semi-final.

The teams had to compete in two separate missions for the semi-finals, creating choreography for Jessi’s “Cold Blooded” and their crews alongside male dancers. LACHICA’s choreography for Jessi was beloved for its sexy approach but ultimately lost out to YGX. For the second half, the crew paired up with Comingout and 2AM‘s Jo Kwon for a performance of Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” that was meant to celebrate everyone who’s ever felt like they don’t belong.

LACHICA found themselves at the bottom again, this time against YGX. The crew proved themselves as the “knockouts” of the show by eliminating their second team in a row and securing their spot in the finale.

3. CocaN Butter

CocaN Butter is the dark horse crew of the competition comprised of leader RiheyGAGABICKIZSUN, and jillin. Originally named “CocaiN Butter,” the crew changed their name for the show to avoid any likeness to the similarly named drug. The team also gained attention for one of its member’s dedication to their second job as a nurse.

CocaN Butter | @streetwoman_fighter/Instagram

To start the competition, CocaN Butter received a moderate number of ‘No Respect” stickers. The team as a whole had six stickers distributed relatively evenly, with only BICKI avoiding the marking. During the first week’s duels, Rihey proved herself by defeating HolyBang’s leader. This was especially emotional as the pair had previously been on a crew together but had not been on the same stage for over five years.

The crew was unable to secure any initial choreography or main dancers for the second mission. For the third mission, CocaN Butter faced HOOK to a compilation of HyunA‘s fiercest songs. Unfortunately, CocaN Butter lost the battle and ended up at the bottom of the overall leaderboard.

Not one to go down without a fight, the crew took on WAYB for the first elimination. It was set to be a best of five battle, but CocaN Butter proved they were there to stay with a clean sweep of the first three battles, effectively eliminating WayB and keeping their place in the competition.

For their “Mega Crew” performance, CocaN Butter brought a team of 27 for an impressive mash-up of multiple songs by Ape DrumsSpice, and GURF. This allowed them to show a new fiercer side and secured them 6th place overall and a spot in the semi-final.

For the semi-final, the crew brought their cool sensuality to their choreography for Jessi’s “Cold Blooded.” For the second challenge, KNUCKSDOORCounterJuice, and IBAN joined the team for an Adam and Eve-inspired performance of Stefflon Don‘s “16 Shots.”

While the road to the finale had been tough, this final round brought the team first place in the judges’ scores and third place overall, securing their spot in the finals.

2. HolyBang

HolyBang is the largest crew in the competition led by Honey J, with members Lo-A, Mull, BELLE, EEVEE, JANE, TARO, and Hertz. The crew is well known for their strong relationship with rapper Jay Park who even backed up the name for the crew.

HolyBang | @streetwoman_fighter/Instagram

Despite their size, HolyBang tied for the least amount of “No Respect” stickers, with the group accumulating four total. No member had more than one sticker. As previously mentioned, during the first round duels, Honey J had to face off against her former crew in CocaN Butter Rihey. Still, the pair ended up emotionally reconciling for years of lost time.

In the second mission, the team ended up taking two major blows when JANE was selected as the worst by the main dancer for her performance on the “second” level’s song, and Honey J was chosen as the worst on the “Leader” level performance of “Hey Mama” by David Guetta. This would ultimately detract from their score in the third mission.

For the “queens of K-Pop” mission, HolyBang faced off against LACHICA to Jessi’s strongest songs. While HolyBang delivered an exceptional performance, their placement in the previous challenge detracted from their overall score, placing them 5th but allowing them to move forward.

For the “Mega Crew” mission, the biggest crew brought the biggest team at a whopping 43 performers. Their performance of Sampa The Great‘s “Energy” mixed with French Montana‘s “Freaks” proved that a fire had been lit under the team as they placed first overall for the week, handily securing their spot in the semi-finals.

Their choreography for Jessi’s “Cold Blooded” aimed at showing off Jessi’s body in the best way possible. While they didn’t win, their video on YouTube amassed the largest number of views of any group. For the second half of the mission, the crew brought Jay Park along with JOONYWaSsupxion, and Mr. Force  for “a real hip-hop” stage set to Hucci‘s “Freezy.”

With the public behind them and second place on their shoulders, is the title of Best Crew ahead for this incredible collection of hip-hop ladies?


HOOK is the final crew. TikTok star Aiki leads them with Rageon, Seon Yoonkyung, Sung Jiyeon, BORN, Odd, and Hyowoo as members. HOOK has a unique dynamic due to it being comprised of Aiki’s students. Aiki has shown impressive leadership of her younger members, which may be due to her outside experience with motherhood!

HOOK | @streetwoman_fighter/Instagram

In the first episode, HOOK proved themselves a threat by tying for the lowest number of “No Respect” stickers at four total. Aiki was given half of them. She was the only member given a chance to show her skills in the duel and unfortunately lost to LACHICA’s Gabee. It was established in a later episode that she redeemed herself with a win against Hyojin Choi, the leader of team WANT.

Similarly to the aforementioned HolyBang, HOOK had a tough go of the second round with Seon Yoonkyung being selected as the worst dancer on the “assist” level and both BORN & Hyowoo being selected as worst for the “sub” performance of Beyoncé’s “Run The World (Girls).”

The crew took on CocaN Butter to HyunA’s hits for the “queens of K-Pop”  third mission. These performances were all uploaded before the show’s airing, and HOOK’s was notable for its pink wigs. These were worn so Aiki’s TikTok fame wouldn’t affect the outcome of their performance. Even with the anonymity of the wigs, HOOK was able to win and move forward.

Mega Crew” mission saw the team performing to some of hip-hop’s toughest songs, with 27 dancers moving in sync to tracks by DMXTIKrump KingsLil Jon, and Rich Brian. One of those dancers just so happened to be Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung, who was able to show a new side of herself as well. This performance brought HOOK second place across all categories and second place overall, moving them into the finals.

HOOK had a unique concept for Jessi’s “Cold Blooded,” with the story being that Jessi would defeat her zombie backup dancers. While this didn’t win Jessi’s vote, the public loved it, and the YouTube video ended up in 1st place for likes. For their second performance, HOOK collaborated with DA’ONEZ Crew and WetBoy for an unforgettably romantic performance set to Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls) cover of “It’s Raining Men.”

This combination of ferocity and beauty has secured HOOK as the front runner heading into the finale on October 26.

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