Former Purplow’s Honey J and RI-HEY Hug It Out On “Street Woman Fighter” After 5 Years Of Bad Blood

Here’s what went down between the two.

Purplow was once one of the hottest dance crews in South Korea, after their many collaborations with Jay Park. Their leader, Honey J shot to fame as Jay Park‘s backup dancer and choreographer, with Purplow rising in recognition along with her. They famously worked on Jay Park’s “Me Like Yuh” back in 2016.

Unfortunately, Purplow soon disbanded and fans were left wondering what had happened. Honey J went on to form a new dance crew, Holy Bang, while her second-in-command, RI-HEY, took the other dancers from Purplow and formed a new team, Coca N Butter. The show was their first reunition since the break up of the team five years ago. Honey J explained that she ended up unfollowing the girls back then after seeing them gather as a dance team without her, while RI-HEY explained that Honey J had unfollowed all the girls and hence they had not been in contact.

The two duked it out in a dance battle on Street Woman Fighter, with RI-HEY ending up winning. However, Honey J showed her graciousness and reached out for a hug first. The hug seemed to convey everything to two wanted to say over the last 5 years.

The other ex-Purplow members on the show couldn’t help but cry either.

After the episode, it was noted that Honey J followed RI-HEY once more, for the first time in 5 years. Awww! We love a good tear-jerker. Here’s to hoping they will become friends once more.