Meet Wet Boy: The Viral Comedy Artist Who Danced On “Street Woman Fighter”

He’s close with some of K-Pop’s biggest names!

He has captivated millions of viewers with his signature wet look and passionate dance, performing on the street in the rain while waiting for his lover to return to him. At least, that’s the winning concept that’s garnered Yang Jin Beom internet and industry fame.

Comedy artist Yang Jin Beom. | @gagjinbeom/Instagram

I just wanted to express my broken heart through dancing. My dancing comes from the loneliness I feel and my cameraman was able to capture that.

– Yang Jin Beom

Meet Yang Jin Beom, more commonly known as AlwaysWetBoy or simply, Wet Boy! Videos of him dancing his heartache away in the rain amassed millions of views online and have taken on lives of their own. Yang even got reposted onto American musician Chris Brown‘s Instagram page last year! This TikTok from July 2020 has almost 15 million views and can often be seen shared on other social media platforms and even edited to fit other artists’ music.


I’m sorry my love… #fyp #foryoupage

♬ One Wish – Ray J

Yang Jin Beom works with the comedy musical group Namolla Family, which consists of Go Jang HwanKim Kyung Wook, and Kim Tae Hwan. Kim Kyung Wook, also known as Video_man23 online, is often the cinematographer for Yang’s dance videos. Audiences were captured by Kim’s emotional camerawork along with Yang’s intense gaze, mesmerizing moves, and the nostalgic power of 2000’s R&B.

Kim: With this guy’s amazing dance moves, I knew we could make a work of art. Surprisingly, the world responded to his broken heart.

Yang: But I don’t care about the love I’m receiving. I just want to wait and dance outside my house until she comes back.

Yang and Kim Kyung Wook. | Newsfeed/YouTube  

He’s also close friends with rapper Jay Park! The two collaborated on Yang’s YouTube channel where they had a dance battle to determine who’s the sexier one between them. (Of course, Wet Boy won.)

Yang with Jay Park. | Wet Boy/YouTube

Yang and Kang Daniel posted a series of TikToks and Instagram videos together following the idol’s 2021 comeback “Paranoia.” Wet Boy blew him away with his smooth dance moves!


📆 #월간뮤플리 | #강다니엘 X #alwayswetboy … Watch Now @muply YouTube 🚿

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – Kangdaniel_official – Kangdaniel_official

And of course, seeing as his name is Wet Boy, it was only right that he collaborate with none other than Rain!

And his stage name made him the perfect collaborator for this video with MAMAMOO‘s Wheein who released the song “water color” earlier this year.

Not only is Yang well acquainted with a ton of K-Pop idols, but he’s also close with dancers! Aiki from HOOK recruited Wet Boy for her crew’s performance of “It’s Raining Men” on the dance survival show Street Woman Fighter. According to Aiki, though he’s best known as a comedy artist these days, he has experience with popping. His concept fit the choreography’s story perfectly and he absolutely stole the spotlight.

But his work goes beyond the scope of internet fame and short-form videos. He has released music in past through Namolla Family, like a collaboration with GSoul (also known as Golden) titled “Dance For You.”

Yang Jin Beom made a huge splash (pun intended) with his nostalgic-R&B-fueled dance videos. He’s definitely an artist to keep an eye on, and we can’t wait to see where his story takes him! Check out one of his latest tracks below.

Source: Instagram, YouTube and YouTube

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