Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Confesses She Had No Idea What She Was Signing Up For When Joining “Street Woman Fighter”

Sooyoung killed it anyway!

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung recently made a special appearance on the hit show Street Woman Fighter and it wasn’t what she expected.

Street Woman Fighter is a survival program that centers around eight female dance teams who compete to take first place. While the show focuses on incredible dance performances, Sooyoung had no idea she would have to do so much dancing.

Sooyoung joined dance crew HOOK since member Aiki asked if she could dance with them for their “Mega Crew Mission.” Aiki mentioned that she had met Sooyoung at a donation campaign and has been in touch ever since.

Aiki then revealed that Sooyoung agreed to join HOOK without hesitation: “I just mentioned it without expecting much but Sooyoung answered without hesitating.” 

Hilariously, Sooyoung admitted, “I actually didn’t know this was such a program. I just came because Aiki asked for help.” Aiki couldn’t help but laugh at Sooyoung’s comment.

Sooyoung then clarified that she thought she would merely need to dance for 30 seconds when she agreed to come on the show. Nonetheless, Sooyoung assured Aiki, “I’ll try my best so that I don’t ruin it.”

Of course, Sooyoung and the dancers of HOOK killed their performance! Check out the videos below:

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