A Dancer Was Unable To Join “Street Woman Fighter” — Because Of Her Demanding Nursing Job

Now, this is true duality!

Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter has quickly become one of the most talked about variety programs in South Korea, as they dominate headlines on a weekly basis. As the dancing competition continues to take reign in viewership ratings, another headline has been made in relation to the show and this time — it’s because of a dancer who couldn’t participate in the program.

Coca N Butter dance crew for “”Street Woman Fighter” | Mnet

Meet Beebi, a dancer who is a part of the beloved Coca N Butter dance crew. While Beebi is a member of the dance team, she was unable to participate in the Mnet variety program due to her second job.

Coca N Butter dancer, Beebi | @jaylin_beebi/Instagram

It was recently reported that the talented dancer is actually a labor and delivery nurse! When she’s not busting out a move on the dance floor, Beebi can be found in the delivery ward of her hospital welcoming new lives into the world.

Due to the naturally demanding requirements of the job, Beebi was unable to join her fellow Coca N Butter dancers for the filming of Street Woman Fighter.

| @jaylin_beebi/Instagram

And while many were disappointed to find out that the entire Coca N Butter dance crew was not fully present on the show, clips of her dancing can be found on her Instagram page, where she shows off her amazing hip-hop inspired dance moves.

Wow, what an incredible woman. We wish Beebi the best of luck in both her dancing and nursing endeavors!

Source: Insight