BTS’s Suga Made A Surprise Visit To A Dance Studio While On Vacation

Some fans think the visit could be related to Agust D.

Many fans are wondering what BTS‘s Suga is up to this week, and thanks to an old friend, they’ve received a hint.


On September 10, dancer Ryu Jae Joon (류재준), CEO of Auspicious Studio, posted a new story to his Instagram, auspicious_ryud. It shows Suga’s autograph with the caption, “Suga-hyung made a surprise visit to the studio.” 



Ryu Jae Joon’s team used to dance with BTS at their concerts, back in 2016.


Suga may have dropped by the studio just to say hello, but some fans are wondering if the visit had anything to do with Suga’s fabled Agust D comeback.


Only time will tell!