BTS’s Suga Asks Epik High’s Tablo About “Dad Life” And It’s Too Precious

He was so fascinated!

Recently, BTS‘s Suga became a successful fanboy when he had Epik High‘s Tablo on the latest episode of Suchwita. The two had in-depth conversations about everything from music, to their past, and more. As expected, they couldn’t escape a conversation about Tablo’s beloved daughter Haru.

BTS’s Suga and Epik High’s Tablo | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

Suga revealed that some younger fans may solely know Tablo has Haru’s father.

The adorable daddy-daughter duo became known for their cute interactions on the show “The Return of Superman” In the early 2010s.

Tablo explained to Suga how much he loves being a dad.

However, he doesn’t necessarily think of himself in this way.

Instead, their close-knit bond feels more like friendship.

People call me ‘Haru’s dad’ but I never really thought of myself as a dad. I don’t think of myself that way. I just feel like we’re friends.

— Tablo

Suga noticed just how precious their bond is from the way Tablo speaks about his daughter.

Proving just how much they love to hang out together, Haru was behind-the-scenes of the “Suchwita” shoot!

Hilariously, Tablo revealed he only gets reminded that he’s an adult with a child when someone else refers to him that way.

He explained what having a child is like to Suga in the purest way.

Suga: “I can’t imagine what it feels like.”

Tablo: “It’s like, there’s this person that you love most in the world. A child is someone who is half the person you love most and half you. So wouldn’t that child be so precious?”

At the end, Suga even had the cutest interaction watching Tablo and Haru.

However, having a child requires responsibility — and Tablo had to go help her with her homework!

There’s just one rule: Don’t call him Haru’s “father.” Instead, he’s a young and cool “dad!”