BTS’s Suga Reveals He Is Not Fond Of How Masculinity Is Defined By Certain Emotions

BTS continues to break down barriers.

BTS recently held an in-depth interview with Esquire to talk about their music and their message.

Since the early days of BTS, there was always something a bit different about the group. Their ability to be vulnerable and openly share their emotions with everyone was something the world needed.

In many ways, BTS has challenged traditional masculinity.

There is this culture where masculinity is defined by certain emotions, characteristics. I’m not fond of these expressions.

⁠— Suga, Esquire Interview

| Esquire

Suga felt that because our condition varies by the day, it should be the same for our mental state. “People won’t say you’re a weak person if your physical condition is not that good. It should be the same for the mental condition as well. Society should be more understanding.”

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

BTS’s music challenges the conventions of society, something that is not seen in the K-Pop music world. Suga felt that making music about human emotions and society came naturally to him. “The reason I started making music is because I grew up listening for lyrics that speak about dreams, hopes, and social issues.”

| Esquire

BTS has become an inspiration to many, giving people the strength to actively change and save the world. Their ability to speak up about societal issues through vulnerability and honesty have proven their title of being the most influential band in the world.

Source: esquire