BTS’s Suga Cheekily Teases ARMYs About The Location Of His “7” Friendship Tattoo

He’s the only member not to have revealed his tattoo!

One of the hottest topics in 2022 has to be BTS‘s friendship tattoos. Over the past few months, the members have slowly been revealing their adorable “7” tattoos on social media. However, one person who has left ARMYs waiting and wondering is none other than member Suga

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram    

Earlier in the year, V was the first member to talk about the group planning to have matching tattoos while answering a fan on Weverse.

| Weverse

ARMY: Don’t get a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!

V: That’s something I’ll decide on my own, and the members and I always talked about getting a friendship tattoo. We’re going to get a friendship tattoo one day. Look forward to it 🥰🥰

Since then, six of the members have shared the locations and designs of their tattoos.

BTS Jungkook’s tattoo | @polyc_sj/Instagram

BTS J-Hope’s tattoo | @uarmyhope/Instagram

BTS RM’s tattoo | @rkive/Instagram

Well, it seems as if Suga has come back with a new update for ARMYs… but it might have just caused more questions than answers!

On August 24, Suga surprised ARMYs when he started a live broadcast on Weverse, where he chatted about his hair, the upcoming BTS concert in Busan, and much more.

| Weverse

During the broadcast, it wasn’t surprising that netizens had a lot of questions about Suga’s tattoo. While all the members have shared their tattoos with ARMYs on Instagram, Suga has remained very secretive about it.

When asked about it during the live broadcast, Suga sent ARMYs into meltdown when he confirmed that he’d had the tattoo done but that it was a challenge for fans to see if they could find it.

I got the tattoo, I got it. I just won’t tell you where it is. Try to find it.

— Suga

| Weverse

Yet, while some of the members seemed confident about getting the tattoo, Suga’s personality was on show when he explained that he was more reluctant about the idea. Suga revealed that he actually only got it done because the rest of the members wanted to do it together.

| Weverse

Because he was so reluctant in the first place, he then explained that it probably meant he wouldn’t get another tattoo any time soon. Suga added that he would probably regret another one in the smallest ways, whether it was the design or placing.

| Weverse

Even after sharing TMI with ARMYs about his tattoo, the questions kept coming, and Suga had to explain that he wasn’t going to say anything else about it. He reaffirmed that he had the tattoo, but it was up to ARMYs to try and find the location!

| Weverse

After the live stream, ARMYs couldn’t get enough of Suga’s teasing. While many joked that they would now have to be extra vigilant to try and see it, others praised Suga for managing to hide it for so long.

ARMYs aren’t called detectives for nothing, and it’s only a matter of time before they find the location of the tattoo… that is unless Suga or another member of BTS wants to share the secret! Hopefully, it won’t be long to wait, and ARMYs can complete the set of BTS tattoos soon.

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