The BTS Members Are Planning To Get Friendship Tattoos

We may never see them though due to placement…

BTS already collectively have 23+ tattoos, but they belong to just two members: Jungkook and Jimin.

BTS’s Jungkook

BTS’s Jimin

Now, V has revealed that all the members plan to eventually get tattoos together!

BTS’s V with fake tattoos. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

V held an informal Q&A with ARMYs on Weverse. He answered questions regarding The 2022 GRAMMYs, particularly the viral moment with Olivia Rodrigo, dreams of parenthood, as well as a potential trumpet tattoo, possibly inspired by one of his own idols.

This sparked a conversation about body art, to which An ARMY encouraged V to get a temporary tattoo in case he changes his mind later. He revealed he hasn’t had one yet because of his dad.

| Weverse

ARMY: Get a tattoo sticker. What if you get a tattoo but later get tired of it? ㅜㅜ

V: I’m not doing it [right now] because my dad may feel hurt by it

V previously had temporary tattoos for different concepts in photoshoots and videos. One of his most iconic is the face and neck tattoos for “ON.”

Likewise, another ARMY discouraged V from getting a tattoo. That’s when he revealed that actually, he and his fellow BTS members are planning to get matching friendship tattoos regardless.

| Weverse

ARMY: Don’t get a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!

V: That’s something I’ll decide on my own, and the members and I always talked about getting a friendship tattoo. We’re going to get a friendship tattoo one day. Look forward to it 🥰🥰

V spilled all of the tea regarding the members’ future tattoos. While we were all excited to see the tattoos, he shared that we may never be able to see them as he is planning to get his on the butt…

| Weverse

ARMY: Friendship tattoos remind me of the Avengers

V: I’m going to get it on my right butt where it’s not visible. I think Yoongi-hyung was the one who suggested friendship tattoos

According to V, Suga is the mastermind behind friendship tattoos! This comes as no surprise considering he once suggested to J-Hope they get matching henna during Bon Voyage. 

Yet, Suga previously shared that he was hesitant to get tattoos due to public charity work. He did, however, say that he would probably get a tattoo somewhere inconspicuous if he were to.

Fan-edit of Suga with tattoos.

Knowing now that BTS will get matching tattoos, ARMYs are naturally freaking out…

Some are imagining the possibilities. What kind of tattoo will they get?

Jungkook already has some matching tattoos but with his ’97 line friends! Read more below:

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Source: Weverse