BTS’s Suga Returns From His Schedule In Thailand And Cements An Unexpected Habit He Has At The Airport

It seems to be a running theme that must be helpful for security!

Member Suga is seemingly the most mysterious and introverted to many netizens who aren’t BTS fans. Yet, ARMYs know the idol’s true personality and notice the smallest details of the idol that showcases his character.

Recently, BTS’s Suga cemented a unique habit he has at the airport!

Over the past few months, as Suga has headed off to several schedules worldwide, ARMYs have noticed a habit of the idol at the airport.



When either arriving to catch a flight or leaving to go home, ARMYs hilariously notice how fast Suga walks, and he has even shocked reporters with the speed at which he walks through the airport.

Well, it seems like Suga has once again proven that it is a true habit of his at the airport.

On February 13, Suga returned home through Incheon airport from his schedule in Thailand. As expected, the idol looked flawless in his casual fashion, which just screamed style and showcased the idol’s personality and trends.

As soon as Suga arrived through the airport’s doors, he started walking extremely quickly to get through the crowds with the help of his security guards.

In fact, Suga was so quick that he managed to get through the whole airport and into his car within 40 seconds.

In the comments of the YouTube video, netizens couldn’t get over the speed of Suga’s walk as he made his way through the crowds. While many joked that the job of being Suga’s bodyguard must be easier as he manages to go from the airport to the car within a matter of moments.

Despite Suga’s speed when walking through the airport, he always tries to interact with those around him. With so many fans, it wouldn’t be surprising if the security were happy to see Suga walking so quickly to avoid any altercations that could occur.

You can read more about BTS’s habits at the airport below.

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Source: KOREA Dispatch