BTS’s Suga Is The Most Doting Hyung To TXT’s Yeonjun And Taehyun On “Suchwita”

Here’s why he can’t stop laughing!

BTS‘s Suga just revealed the latest guest on episode 8 his YouTube show Suchwita and fans quickly recognized the two idols. With just the clues that their latest album was a huge success…

…and their chemistry was flawless, it can only be TXT‘s Taehyun and Yeonjun!

The two young idols reveal all to Suga as they discuss their work ethic, desire to make fellow BIGHIT Music labelmates BTS proud, and more.

Suga had nothing but compliments for the duo.

The feeling was mutual for Yeonjun who revealed he’s thankful for the way Suga treats them.

I’m honestly very thankful to you because no one looks out for us as much as you do. That just blew me away.

— Yeonjun

Similarly, Taehyun shared that he was inspired by Suga.

I wanted to become someone like you.

— Taehyun

As the boys say kind words for their fans, Taehyun shares his heartfelt feelings.

In the end, it’s our fans who complete us. We wouldn’t be anything without MOA.

— Taehyun

Meanwhile, Yeonjun’s shy and awkward greeting left Suga in stitches! We can anticipate a lot of laughs on April 11 at 10 PM KST when the episode is released.


— Yeonjun

Watch the full teaser below.