BTS’s Suga Unboxes Their New Album “BE” For All Their Fans And It’s Therapeutic AF

Suga needs to start an ASMR channel, stat.

Rejoice all you ARMYs because BTS‘s Suga just surprised everyone with a new YouTube video! On BTS’s official YouTube channel, Bangtan TV, Suga made an appearance to unbox their new album for all their fans.

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The BTS member starts off by complimenting the photos in the photo book that the album comes with.

Overall, all the photos came out really well.

— Suga

Then he continues on to talk more about the concept behind their photos in the photo book. The BTS member reveals how each member got a say in what they wanted to create for their individual photos.

All the interior (in the photo book) was personally created by each member just as they envisioned it.

— Suga

Next up, we have Suga adorably posing like a professional vlogger. The hand-behind-the-product maneuver is a well-known gesture that vloggers do when they want the camera to focus on said item. Suga can be seen putting his hand behind the photo book, trying to have the camera focus on the book rather than himself. We cannot with this cuteness!

Don’t worry fans, as we all know that Suga wouldn’t be Suga if he didn’t roast someone. He hilariously makes fun of RM and the wink pose he makes on a particular page of the photo book. Suga is such a savage and we are living for it! Afterwards, he reveals that in the photo book, there is a page where there are actual copies of the notes that the members wrote while creating this album.

These are the notes that we actually wrote while producing this album.

— Suga

Afterwards, Suga proceeds to open up one of the posters that come with the album and complains about the presentation.

It’s unfortunate that the poster comes folded. It would have been nicer if we could roll it up in a tube for the fans.

— Suga

To finish off, he then shows all his fans the true meaning behind the square hole in their CD packaging. We are actually mindblown.

People might wonder, ‘what is the purpose behind this hole’ so I will show you. There are photos included in the album that we each took. If you insert one of the photos in the hole, it becomes an instant CD cover.

— Suga

We appreciate you taking your time to talk us through the very beautiful album, Suga! We also hope that you’re healing well from your surgery. Check out the full unboxing video down below!

Source: Teen Vogue


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