ARMYs Continue Hitting On BTS’s Suga, And V Proves That He Is The Perfect Wingman

Nobody is a bigger Suga stan than V!

When it comes to airing live broadcasts from BTS, nobody knows when they’re going to happen. Sometimes there is a warning, and ARMYs can prepare. Other times, there are no signs, and the members will randomly appear to brighten up fans’ days.

On October 20 (KST), BTS went live ahead of their online concert “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE,” which was a treat for fans!

The members of BTS on VLIVE | BTS/ VLIVE

Although some things are never certain with BTS and live broadcasts, something has become a regular occurrence during these events, and it is all to do with ARMYs flirting with Suga!

As always, during live broadcasts, the members were armed with their phones reading out comments from ARMYs. In particular, V seemed to notice one that he thought needed to be read out, and it was an ARMY saying, “Yoongi, marry me!


Yet, it isn’t the first time that Suga’s been asked for his hand in marriage. It seems as if every time BTS goes live, an ARMY is desperate to marry Suga, and each time, he always has the best reactions to the comments.

If that wasn’t enough, fans found that one culprit loved being the bringer of proposals to Suga, and that is V!

In three previous live broadcasts, when fans have proposed to Suga, it is always V who has noticed the comment and gone out of his way to make sure that his hyung hears the comment.

However, it seems as if it isn’t just marriage proposals that V wanted to share with Suga. During the broadcast, V made sure that if he read any positive comments about Suga from ARMYs, that they were heard. In particular, during the same broadcast, V read out comments from fans. One said, “Yoongi, I tattoed your name.”


Another comment that the members couldn’t get enough of was, “Yoongi is perfect with a beret.” Although BTS found it funny, there is no denying that he did look very good in his black beret.


It is good to know that, no matter what is being commented on the broadcast, that V is always there to hype up Suga and make sure that he knows just how much ARMYs love him! You can read more about ARMYs proposing to Suga during live broadcasts below.

ARMY Keeps Hitting On Suga, And BTS Is Living For It 

Source: VLIVE