BTS’s Suga And V Shock ARMY With The Cost Of Their Carry On Luggage At Incheon Airport

BTS are young, rich, and handsome AF!

It seems like wherever BTS goes, they not only radiate true visuals but seem to epitomize the word “Luxury.” From their outfits, accessories, and possessions, the members have recently gained attention for their outfits — but it doesn’t come at a low price.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

BTS recently traveled to America, where they will meet President Joe Biden at the White House to discuss racial discrimination and anti-Asian hate crimes. Of course, it meant a trip to Incheon Airport to get on a plane to travel.

As soon as the members stepped out of the cars, ARMY worldwide couldn’t get over their visuals and the fact that they showcased true manners towards the fans and media waiting at Incheon Airport.

BTS at Incheon Airport | KOREA Dispatch/YouTube
| KOREA Dispatch/YouTube   

However, if their visuals weren’t enough, another thing that caught the attention of netizens was the cost of some of the items the members were wearing, and it cemented the group’s legend status.

One of the first members who instantly captured the hearts of netizens with his visuals was Suga… because the idol’s hair had grown and it was more than enough to send the internet into full meltdown.

BTS’s Suga at Incheon Airport

If Suga’s visuals weren’t enough to cause a scene, then the price of his choice in hand luggage definitely would. The large bag instantly caught the attention of fans as it not only looked expensive but seemed to have Suga’s own personality with a small ribbon tied to it.

Suga gained attention for his bag

Of course, the fact it looked that good wasn’t surprising considering the bag’s price, which is the Hermès “HAC Birkin 50 Voyager Black Togo leather Palladium Hardware.” If that wasn’t a mouthful, the price would make you speechless as the rare find can go up to $39,000 USD.

The bag Suga had at Incheon Airport | Hermes

Another member who instantly caught the attention for also having an extremely expensive choice of luggage was V. Like Suga, the idol instantly caught the attention of the press and ARMY as he made his way through Incheon Airport.

BTS’s V at Incheon Airport

If you thought that Suga’s bag was enough to break the bank, V’s choice was even more luxurious. Like many times in the past, V sported his iconic Delvaux Brilliant Bag.

If $39,000 USD seemed like a lot, if you wanted to steal V’s iconic look, it could cost the equivalent of many fancy cars and even contribute a lot towards buying a house. The bag retails at around $50,000 USD.

Considering how hard BTS has worked since debuting in 2013, they deserve to splash out on expensive items.

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