BTS’s Suga Trolls Fans Hard During His Birthday Live

He couldn’t resist teasing ARMY.

BTS‘s Suga will be turning 29 on March 9! To celebrate, the rapper surprised ARMY with an early birthday broadcast.

BTS’s Suga

During the live, Suga chatted about BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert, how he feels about getting older, and more. He also teased ARMY in typical Suga fashion.


When a fan asked Suga for a fun TMI fact (Too Much Information), Suga thought about it…


very deeply.


Then, after ARMY waited with bated breath, he said, “It’ll be my birthday in one and a half hours.”

Suga also teased fans by dropping a “spoiler” about PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE. He told ARMY to listen closely and not to leak the top-secret information he was about to tell them. Are you ready for it?

| In the SOOP/Weverse   

“At the concert,” Suga said. “BTS will appear.”  


ARMY’s trickster is a year older, but he hasn’t changed at all! Check out more from his broadcast here.

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