10 Facts We Learned About BTS’s Suga In His Birthday Live Broadcast

Get to know the birthday boy even better.

As of March 9, BTS‘s Suga is officially another year older and wiser! To kick off the celebrations for his 29th birthday, Suga hosted a live broadcast. Here are 10 things we learned about him during the live!

1. His mother made him seaweed soup for his birthday.

Suga dined on his mother’s homemade cooking for lunch. In Korea, seaweed soup is a traditional birthday dish.


2. His height hasn’t changed at all.

A high school student asked Suga if they might still grow taller. Well, they might, but the same can’t be said for Suga. “I’ve been the same height since the first year of middle school,” he said. “I’m not insecure about it…”

3. Even “Minstadamus” can’t see far into the future.

Suga is now 30 years old (Korean age), and he’s still wrapping his head around it. He said that he still feels 22 years old at heart, and he didn’t foresee what it would be like to enter his 30s. “I thought time would stop at age 25 or 26,” he said.

4. Where did his piano come from?

It was given to him by one of his older male friends. “A musician hyung gave me this piano,” he said. “It’s really heavy.” 

5. His perspective on turning 30.

During the live, fans complimented Suga on how youthful he looks for 30 (Korean age). First of all, as Suga pointed out, 30 isn’t old. He said, playfully, “I’m not old yet.” 

For many, turning 30 can be frightening, signaling the end of youth, but Suga has a much more positive outlook. “Isn’t 30 a great age?” he said. “It’s an age where anything is possible.” 

6. How long will BTS sing and dance on stage?

If you aren’t able to attend BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts, don’t worry. You’ll get another chance! According to Suga, BTS will keep holding concerts for as long as they are physically able to.

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7. Seriously, drop the skincare routine!

Every time Suga goes live, fans ask him to spill his “secret” skincare routine. “I say this every time,” he said. “I don’t have a skincare routine…I just use a lotion.” What is this magic lotion and where can we buy it?

8. The reason why Suga isn’t active on Instagram

Some BTS members spend more time on the app than others. Suga said that he wants to post more photos, but he just doesn’t have many. After having had his current phone for about four years, Suga still hasn’t used up its 128 GB of storage.

9. You want a spoiler? Here’s a spoiler.

Suga trolled fans with “top secret” information about BTS’s upcoming concerts and more. “At the concert,” Suga said. “BTS will appear.”  

10. His COVID-19 experience

Everyone who contracts COVID-19 has a different experience with the virus. Symptoms can range from mild to severe, but thankfully, Suga’s symptoms were cold-like. He was told that he doesn’t need to take a booster (third shot), for now, since he has recovered from the virus.

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BONUS: He is actually a unicorn.

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