BTS’s Suga Will Only Leave His Home On The Weekends For Someone Very Special

Otherwise, he’s staying in!

In a new interview with Weverse, BTS‘s Suga revealed just how much of a homebody he truly is on the weekends.

His “to-do list” looks a lot like any introverted person’s weekend!

I don’t really do anything in particular… These days, I play games, work a little, and get plenty of sleep. I don’t really like eating out, so I rarely go out to eat… I usually stay in the studio. I really don’t like roaming around outside.

— Suga

He can’t be bothered to go out to eat and instead loves ordering in, even recommending his favorite cheat meal to ARMY.

Ttokbokki. I don’t eat it that often because I have to watch my weight… But I like it so much, that it’s tough when I’m on a diet. (Laughs)

— Suga

As much as Suga loves staying in, if he could meet ARMY over the weekend, he revealed he wouldn’t hesitate to go out! Naming some of the activities he would love to do with fans, he would plan a fun weekend stacked with activities.

Of course, [I would like to] have a concert. Or go to the movies. It’s been so long since I went… I think the last movie I watched was Parasite… I think it would be fun if I could go watch a movie with ARMY. Going to Hangang River would also be fun. Come to think of it, it’s been very long since I visited the Hangang River, too.

— Suga

Since Suga loves resting most of all, he hopes ARMY can recuperate during their weekends and get some well-deserved rest!

I hope that everyone gets to rest comfortably on the weekends. I feel happiest when I’m resting… (Laughs) Anyways, I hope everyone stays healthy until the day we meet again.

— Suga

Check out how the other members choose to spend their free time below!

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