BTS’s Suga Tells ARMY What He Thought Of J-Hope’s Lollapalooza Performance

His reaction! 👏

Nobody is more of an ARMY than the BTS members themselves!

Recently, the members went above and beyond supporting J-Hope‘s solo music. V shared how he was watching J-Hope’s livestream discussing his solo album, Jack in the Box.


— V

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Jungkook revealed his excitement through Instagram comments, cheering his hyung on.

Jya-hope let’s gooooo!!!!!!!!!

— Jungkook

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The members also went crazy for his iconic performance at 2022 Lollapalooza. Jimin went all the way to Chicago to stand on the side of the stage and support J-Hope with all of his heart.

However, even the members that couldn’t physically attend enjoyed the show’s livestream. Suga was in awe of J-Hope’s charisma and revealed his excitement through an Instagram story as the show was going on.


— Suga

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Most recently, fans brought up the show during his solo livestream.

‘How was Hobi’s Lollapalooza performance?’

— Suga

As expected, Suga had nothing but words of praise for J-Hope!

It goes without saying, right? He’s a stadium singer after all.

— Suga

Proud of his dongsaeng, Suga always quietly supports his fellow members — and thinks the epic performance can speak for itself!

Suga might appear stand-offish on the outside…

…but inside, he’s full of love for his fellow members!