BTS’s Suga Impresses Dancers By Learning PSY’s “That That” Dance Instantly

Plus, he looks good doing it! 😍

When it comes to dancing, Suga is BTS‘s dark horse!

Originally thinking BTS would debut as a hip-hop group with an emphasis on rapping with less dancing, Suga may not have known what he signed up for!

However, throughout the years, he has adapted to the rigorous choreography and has proved himself to be a talented and valued dancer on stage.

He showed part of what made this possible for him while learning the intense choreography for PSY’s “That That.” Behind the scenes, Suga was taught each move by a choreographer, and it didn’t take long for him to soak up the moves like a sponge.

On his first run through, he impresses the dancers and quickly understands everything on only his first try.

As expected of a BTS member, not only is Suga is a super fast learner…

…but he’s also just as humble!

Then we can work on the details. I just memorize quickly. I’m not too confident.

— Suga

The high intensity movements made him laugh, since he knew the hard moves were coming…

…but just like his past, he quickly adapted and proved that he can pick up even the fastest choreography in record time!

In the end, Suga proves that there’s nothing he can’t do!

Check out the full video below.