BTS Surprise ARMY On VLIVE To Celebrate Album Release

They shared about Suga’s recovery and free time with family!

To celebrate the release of BE (Essential Edition), BTS did a surprise live broadcast. With party decorations all around the room, the members hosted a virtual pizza party. In addition to the pizza, they had some sweets including fortune cookies with lyrics from the new album. They updated ARMY on their lives as they shared what each one has been up to in their free time since the New Year.


The members were excited to be together after having spent time apart, especially since Suga has been in recovery. Not only did he get surgery for his shoulder but he got his wisdom teeth removed. He says that his physical rehabilitation is not as easy as he imagined it to be. However, he has been recovering well and he hopes to see ARMY soon.

Both Jin and RM spent time with their families. RM said he had been playing some traditional board games and, as a result, almost fought with his dad. Meanwhile, Jungkook worked out and Jimin watched the classic variety TV show, Infinite Challenge.

Since J-Hope just celebrated his birthday this week, they briefly spoke about it. Jungkook’s artistic gift of a portrait for J-Hope was brought up. The rapper expressed his excitement for it. RM asked if the maknae will draw each of them for their birthday from now on.

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They had missed everyone and thought that the album release was a good excuse to do a live broadcast together. At the end of the live, the members expressed their enjoyment of the time together as a group along with ARMY. As a result, we can look forward to see BTS again soon as they plan to do more live broadcasts in the future, including both solo and unit.


Check out their full live stream below:

Source: @bts_bighit/Twitter