BTS Takes Over Twitter As Fans Celebrate Their Huge New Billboard Achievements

In one day, they’ve reached several milestones that no other K-Pop act ever has.

BTS‘s latest album, BE, and the title track, “Life Goes On”, are making waves in the music industry.

The K-Pop group has proven yet again that they’re becoming an unstoppable force as their positive influence grows worldwide, and today, fans are celebrating several new achievements that the group has accomplished that have never been done by any other K-Pop act!

For the week of November 30, “Life Goes On” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 list at #1, making it the very first non-English language song to reach the top spot on the list! “Dynamite” is also trending again on the chart at #3.

BE is also trending at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart, making them the first band in U.S. history to debut both a song and an album at #1 in the same week!

With “Life Goes On” at #1 on the Hot 100 chart for its first week, this also makes them the first band in history to earn multiple #1 debuts on the chart.

Additionally, BTS has now had the fastest accumulation of three #1 hits on the Hot 100 chart, with “Life Goes On”, “Dynamite”, and “Savage Love” (ft. Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo) all reaching that placement within the last 3 months.

And finally, BTS has also become the first musical act in U.S. history to fill the entire top 6 spots on the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart with their songs! They are, in order, “Life Goes On” at #1, “Blue & Grey” at #2, “Stay” at #3, “Telepathy” at #4, “Dis-ease” at #5, and “Fly to My Room” at #6. “Skit” is also at #9.

Because of these incredible, multiple new achievements in one day, ARMYs are understandably celebrating on social media with several relevant hashtags and topics trending!

#우리아미상받았네 (our ARMY won an award) is one of the top trending tweets, as it’s something that Jimin is known for saying whenever BTS accomplishes achievements such as this.

“WHAT YOONGI WANTS YOONGI GETS” is trending as well, with fans recalling that Suga has said that he wanted to get a Korean song on the Billboard 100 chart.

Other topics such as “LifeGoesOn1onHot100” (trending at #1 earlier), “Bangtan”, “BTS WORLD DOMINATION”, “BTS PAVED THE WAY”, “THEY DID IT”, “FIRST AND ONLY”, “BTS LEGENDS”, and “FIRST BAND IN HISTORY” are getting tens of thousands of retweets too!

What a great early birthday present for Jin!

Congratulations to BTS and ARMY for these incredible achievements!


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