BTS Talks About Their Upcoming Album, And Also Reveal All The Collaborations They Want To Do

They opened up on the red carpet of the 2020 Grammys!

BTS are kings!

On January 26 (local time), the 62nd Grammy Awards were held in full swing. Lots of notable artists attended the event, and BTS was one of them!

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At the red carpet, BTS was interviewed about their upcoming album, collaborations and goals for the year 2020. And their answers didn’t disappoint! On their album this year, BTS revealed that they were preparing for a bigger and harder album, and told ARMYs to look forward to a great comeback!


Jin spoke up first, saying:

We prepared so many songs, and you can hear so many [different kinds of] music. Please wait for it!




RM supplements his hype, by further revealing how they’re challenging themselves even more for the album.

It’s gonna be harder than before.


In a separate red carpet interview with E! , Ryan Seacrest asked them to give a few more spoilers regarding their album, but the boys wouldn’t budge! J-Hope took the mic, and cheekily said:


You will know when you listen to our album and performances. And [you will feel] like BTS was the best this season, ever!


BTS was also asked about the artists they’ve met, and if they had plans for more collaborations. After taking a picture with Ariana Grande at rehearsals last week, BTS revealed that they’d love for a collaboration with Ariana!


We always want to collaborate with Ariana. She’s the one right now, I mean, she’s one of the best. She was practicing next to our studio, and she said she wanted to see our rehearsals. And we saw hers and she saw ours, and thats how it [the picture] happened.

Please collaborate with us, Ari!



BTS also revealed that they’ve met many new celebrities that they look up to, such as Run-DMC, Beyoncé and Jay-Z (Mr and Mrs. Carter). They also revealed an upcoming collaboration with LAUV, set to drop in March.


BTS performed at the 2020 Grammys, in a collaborative stage with Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, Mason Ramsey, Diplo, Young Thug and Nas.

You can watch the performance here!