Ariana Grande Posts A Photo With BTS, And Red Velvet’s Yeri Had The Cutest Comment About It

Yeri isn’t Ariana Grande’s biggest fan for nothing!

We have a golden moment between some great artists!

On January 23, Ariana Grande uploaded a photo of her and BTS (minus Suga) together backstage.

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look who i bumped into at rehearsal 🙂

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the caption says:

Look who I bumped into at rehearsal

—Ariana Grande


BTS and Ariana Grande have met several times! BTS’s Jungkook has also attended her concert, where they even snapped photos together that soon became Ariana’s lock screen photo!


Sources have also hinted at the possibility of a collaboration between the two, saying its “only a matter of time”!


Soon after she posted the picture, another idol that fans want Ariana to collaborate with popped her head up! Red Velvet‘s Yeri, a longtime fan of hers, soon commented on the photo, saying:


I envy them Ari



To which Ariana Grande replied, saying that she just wants to give Yeri a big hug one day!

Can’t wait to hug u one day

—Ariana Grande


BTS is reportedly performing at the 2020 Grammys this year, along with Ariana Grande, who’s been confirmed to be performing at the event. BTS is also gearing up for their comeback with Map Of The Soul:7, and are also preparing for their world tour in April 2020.