Red Velvet’s Yeri Confessed Her Love For Ariana Grande And Now She’s The Most Successful Fangirl Ever

Ariana Grande fulfilled Yeri’s wish!

A few days ago, Google Play Korea presented fans with a very fun interview with Red Velvet‘s Yeri where she talked about what she’s been up to since “Zimzalabim” dropped and discussed some of her favorite mobile games.


That, however, wasn’t the only thing Yeri talked about. Yeri also mentioned that she’s a big fan of Ariana Grande and even gave a special shoutout to the singer while expressing her wish that Ariana would notice her.


And when ReVeluvs heard Yeri’s wish, they really wanted it to come true and tried tagging Ariana but the message never reached her…until now!



A post on thegranderoom’s Instagram showcased the clip of Yeri and right after the post went up, it was noticed by none other than Ariana herself! After seeing Yeri’s adorable message, Ariana sent some love back by liking the post and commenting with a whole lot of hearts!


On top of all those hearts, she also left a comment saying she needed to give Yeri hug!


But Ariana didn’t stop there! ReVeluvs soon discovered that she had also started following Yeri’s personal Instagram account…


And even took some time to appreciate some of her photos too!


Fans couldn’t be happier for the lucky fangirl and can hardly wait for Yeri to find out that Ariana has sent her some love right back and is now following her! Now there’s no denying that Yeri is undoubtedly the luckiest and most successful fangirl ever!

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