Here Are The Subjects Each BTS Member Would Teach In School, According To ARMY

They told J-Hope and he had the best response! 🤣

Recently, an ARMY created a viral post containing the BTS members as professors for various subjects of the College Entrance Exam.

Professor Jung Hoseok might take after his dad as a Korean language and literature teacher. Maybe he could explain some of his poetic lyrics!

Professor Kim Taehyung would be in charge of Korean History.

Social and cultural studies would be taught by Professor Jeon Jeongguk.

Known for his prowess in the English language, Professor Kim Namjoon would teach English. Perhaps he could show some clips from Friends in class to help everyone learn!

Professor Park Jimin would be your chemistry teacher.

Professor Kim Seokjin is in charge of mathematics. ARMY + This Class = Perfect Attendance!

Professor Min Yoongi is in charge of physics.

When a fan showed this to J-Hope, he knew it’s exactly what student ARMY need to stay motivated.

If there were professors like this, would you go to class?

— J-Hope

Of course, the answer is yes. As a matter of fact, we would have perfect attendance!

He knows his fans too well!