BTS Reveals The 2nd Teaser Photo For Their New Song “Dynamite”

The second teaser photo for BTS’s new song is here.

The hype for BTS‘s “Dynamite” continues with a new teaser photo!

“Dynamite” is an upcoming English song that BTS created as a cheer-up gift for ARMY, to help fans stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic. This upbeat track will be released on August 21, along with its music video. The first teaser photos, released on August 11, have a retro arcade aesthetic that brings back memories of the 1990s.

On August 13 (KST) at midnight, BTS dropped the second photo teaser, a group photo of BTS in their “Dynamite” outfits. Here, more of the set, a basketball court, can be seen in the background.

According to Columbia Records‘ promotion schedule, the third teaser image(s) will be released on August 16 at midnight (KST).

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Check out the first set of teaser images below:

BTS Releases The 1st Teaser Photos For Their New Song “Dynamite”