RM And Jungkook’s Answer To “Marry Me?” Is Freaking Them Both Out

They had the best reaction to reading each other’s mind.

Nobody knows what’s going on in BTS‘s heads better than BTS themselves, but even the members can’t believe how in tune they are!

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On August 21, BTS released their hit song of the summer, “Dynamite” after weeks of hype and preparations. To celebrate with fans, the members sat down to answer ARMY’s questions in a live broadcast.

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One of the most popular questions had nothing to do with “Dynamite”. In fact, it was more of a statement; “Marry me!”

As Jin passed the tablet to Jungkook, Jungkook and RM both sang “marry me” to the tune of BTS’s song “Jamais Vu”.

They immediately looked at each other, startled and shocked. What were the chances of that happening?

BTS burst out laughing, impressed by RM and Jungkook’s uncanny mind-reading skills.

Fans often say that BTS is one mind split between seven bodies, and it’s easy to say why!

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