BTS’s Jungkook Brought Up “Yoonmin” And RM Had The Best Reaction 

Nobody was expecting this hilarious moment to happen.

When BTS goes live with fans there’s no telling what’s going to happen!

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To celebrate the release of “Dynamite” with ARMY, BTS held a live Q&A where they answered questions (like “will you marry me?“), reacted to comments, and more.

Things took an unexpected turn for Jimin and Suga shippers when “Yoonmin” suddenly entered the chat. It happened when Jungkook was reading comments while his members were focused on RM‘s blue hair.

When they realized they were accidentally ignoring Jungkook (who didn’t seem to notice), they tuned in just in time for “Yoonmin”.

When Jungkook read the ship name out loud, RM said, “Okay,” as in, “Okay, let’s pretend that never happened.”

As for Suga, Jimin, and the rest of BTS, they had nothing to add to that!

Fans, of course, as loving this moment, so much so that “YOONMIN” became a top trending topic on Twitter.

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