Here’s How BTS Took Over The Entire World Cup Bridge For Their Performance Of “Butter” On “The Tonight Show”

They had to get permission from the government first!

On July 14, BTS shocked viewers of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon by performing “Butter” on the World Cup Bridge in Seoul. Now, details have come out about how the K-Pop group was able to take over the bridge for their performance!

BTS on the World Cup Bridge | @BIGHIT_INFO/Twitter

Through the Seoul Film Commission, BTS and HYBE Labels asked the Seoul City Government in June if it would be possible to make a video on the World Cup Bridge. Seoul’s government accepted their request, even though the details were vague.

Seoul City Hall | How far have you been?

The city government saw BTS’s performance as an opportunity to promote the bridge, which is slated to become open to the public in August 2021. The bridge has been under construction for 11 years, so the government thought BTS’s performance would be a great way to turn the public’s attention back toward the bridge.


Before BTS’s performance, Samsung C&T, the bridge’s main construction company checked the bridge three times, moved some of the heavy machinery and construction materials on the bridge, and cleaned the bridge.

World Cup Bridge | @tanniekosmossss/Twitter

An industry official stated that securing the World Cup Bridge as a filming location as well as all of the other overall decisions related to the shoot were “led by a local team rather than the production team of the Jimmy Fallon show.” The lighting on the bridge was also set up by a local team.

Lights on the World Cup Bridge during BTS’s performance | @tanniekosmossss/Twitter

Thanks to BTS’s performance, the World Cup Bridge is getting attention again, and ARMYs all over the world were amazed that BTS was able to take over an entire bridge for their performance!


Source: Korea JoongAng Daily